Waldemar Neufeld is a Kazakhstan-born eccentric who learned early in his life to take up the fight against the darkest demons. Flied from Kazakhstan, the shapeless menace become his own darkness, which from then on accompanied him at every turn. Whenever possible he shakes off the inner turmoil of two cultures, the pain and the demons, that’s when art became his way of expressing himself in form and color.

His artwork is as ambivalent as himself, simultaneously captivating and inspiring. His roots lie in the land that is still home to one of the oldest people in human history The land where people first tamed the horse, began to ride, and never settled. Thus, Waldemar Neufeld also lives the spirit of an untamed nomad, who, driven by his ideas and the deepest desire of freedom. Seeks the beauty of life and stages it between magic and mania with a highly energetic expressiveness.

The courage to cross borders and live outside conventions fills Neufeld. It all began with the dedication to the symbiosis between the futuristic world of Asia and old lived traditions. The fusion of these opposing worlds drives Neufeld and is reflected in his artwork.

Traditional paintings in the real world become one with the modern digital world. "These touches, inspires and moves me," Neufeld counters. "The diversity and the lived culture of being one between old and new has taught me the specificity of South Korea. For me, haptics and electrification meet. It represents for me a kind of understanding of our nature, our origin, and our evolution as human beings. I reach out to nature and tradition with wood and canvas and create the electrifying connection to the advanced and technological world tomorrow through the play of light in my paintings."

Neufeld has tasted blood in the idea of digitizing his art and finds in it the satisfying perfection of a transiently fragile illusion of the work of art that can be erased with just one click.

Despite all his rebellion against conventions and his inner drive to break through pigeonholing, Neufeld is also able to use the quiet tones. He is gentle and thoughtful with the resources of this earth and lives appreciation, in which he uses old, used frames for his artworks or builds them himself from sustainable wood. Wood reminds Neufeld of his childhood. Waldemar loves the smell of wood, as he worked with the material daily as a child with his father to build or heat with it. Wood was a main component of his life and shapes the emotional connection to his childhood and to his family.

In Waldemar Neufeld's work, deep silence and glaring chaos, precision and intuitive chance coexist in a single cast. With his art he takes us into the disillusioning reality of being and shows the fragile touch of self-control we all undertake to cloak the insight into our inner mental world to the outside. His art is the place where Waldemar feels being himself. Right there in his deepest inner being, the place where time stands still, is his true home.