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Waldemar Neufeld is a Kazakhstan-born eccentric who learned early in his life to take up the fight against the darkest demons. Flied from Kazakhstan, the shapeless menace become his own darkness, which from then on accompanied him at every turn. Whenever possible he shakes off the inner turmoil of two cultures, the pain and the demons, that’s when art became his way of expressing himself in form and color.


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Zeitgenössische Kunst, spannende Technologie und der passende
Sound: Wir mischen bei fine arts die Palette neu, unter anderem mit

Waldemar Neufeld: Der Künstler aus Bietigheim-Bissingen leuchtet die Spannungsfelder aus zwischen Magie und Manie, zwischen Malerei und digitaler Ausdrucksform. Wie er dabei spielerisch Grenzen überwindet zeigt er Ihnen im Jägerhofpalais am

Mittwoch, den 9. November 2022 a 18 Uhr
Schorndorfer Straße 42, 71638 Ludwigsburg

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Maybe we humans have two ears and only one mouth because we should listen more than talk  200×160




Digital Artist

Waldemar Neufeld is also a digital artist! He loves to play with new tools and techniques.