Between illusion and reality there is just a touch of nothing. The mastery of your own reality is real art!


The buildings higher and the tunnel deeper, living a race track pace and complaining about the lack of time.
Greed and obsession to become immortal.


The false gods that accompany us in a misleading way, the superficial facets that distract us from the essential… Just a movie!

Planet 9

There is no reason in life to collect things eaten by the rust. And so it turns out to the topic… To be envious of material things.


Consumption fascism: Like soldiers they follow the wrong creators. Blind and submassive for every price they are caught in the spell.

Time Machine

You think you are here. but you think about tomorrow. Feel from last night and dream of the day after tomorrow

All eyes on me!

You can see everything but still be blind of appearance and delusion. The third eye is alive, use it!


She knows all answers. She feels everything before it happens. She forgives everything. – Mum